Joshua Bohar

Masters Student

Brown School of Engineering
phone (401) 863-3010
fax (401) 863-3930

Current Research Interests

Biophilic Lighting
Cognitive Neuroergonomics
Artificial light and human cognition
Systems level artificial lighting design

Research Experience

MATERIAL RESOURCE LIBRARY, 2016-Current, Rhode Island School of Design Design and Development of database specific to students search interest and needs.
EDNA LAURENCE NATURE LAB, 2014, Rhode Island School of Design Working with Arch GIS, Scanning Electron Microscope, Optical Scopes, 3D Scanning and high speed cameras.
THINKING CAP, 2014-2015, Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, RISD
STEAM, RISD E'ship. Worked with a team on non-invasive cognitive enhancement device using Electroencephalography (EEG) and Trans Cranial Electromagnetic Stimulation (TCMS)
SOLAR DECATHLON, Techstyle Haus, 2014, Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University, University of Applied Sciences Artificial lighting design and modeling for concept house
UNIT FOR EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHIATRICS, 2010-2013, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  Focused on sleep and chronobiology research including human neurobehavioral functions; cognitive performance; psychophysiological assessment for National Institute of Health, National Space Biomedical Research Institute, Office of Naval Research and National Aeronautics and Space Agency funded projects.
PENN ELECTRIC RACING , 2010-2013, University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Worked with group of engineering students to design, fabricate, test and operate a full-scale electric car. This included designing the propulsion system, frame structure and body shape as well as marketing and sponsorship relations.


Masters Industrial Design (MID), Rhode Island School of Design, 2016(expected)
BA Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Coursework in Cognitive Science, University California Berkeley, 2009
Course work in Psychology and Design, City College of San Francisco, 2008- 2010